Gillette Creamery

Ducktrap River

Ducktrap River of Maine is a leader in the smoked seafood industry. We keep our focus on being a leader by maintaining strict adherence to the highest standards of quality, service, and value.  Our full line of smoked seafood is produced all naturally with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. To ensure our customers are receiving consistent, quality products, Ducktrap follows a rigorous HAACP program, continues to smoke in small batches and maintains an exacting Rabbinical standard.

  • Ducktrap Smoked Fish
    • Kendall Brook
    • Spruce Point
    • Pepper Mackerel
    • New York Nova Style
    • Sockeye Wild
    • Trout
    • Party Platter
    • Gravlax Spruce
    • Pastrami Spruce
    • Sockeye Pepper & Garlic
    • Trout Lemon Pepper
    • Organic Smoked Salmon (Limited Quantities)
    • Smoked Everything
    • Mussels
    • Shrimp
    • Mustard Sauce