Gillette Creamery

About Us

Gillette Creamery is a full service direct store food and ice cream delivery provider covering Eastern New York State and bordering States. At Gillette Creamery, we believe that teamwork, personal involvement and attention to detail are as important to our customers success as having the right products, price and services.

At Gillette Creamery, we’re more than food distributors–we’re food experts. We keep freezers and refrigerators in every service stocked with top-quality, farm fresh products from the best brands using a state of the art delivery system. But we also help keep you at the top of your market with decades of expertise servicing every trade category. As a family-owned company, we take pride in sharing our team of experts with suppliers and resellers alike. Our mission is to generate growth by creating a lifeline of expertise and excellent service between the suppliers of high quality foods and the local businesses that sell them. At Gillette Creamery, we want to show you what we can do for your brand and bottom line.

Whether you are a supplier looking to extend the reach of your great product or a reseller looking for the best available brands of packaged foods for your market, Gillette Creamery is the perfect solution.