Gillette Creamery

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy & Gillette Creamery

  • Company:
    • Ronnybrook Farm Dairy
  • Location:
    • ​Ancramdale, NY 12503
  • Products:
    • Natural, wholesome Milk, Ice Cream, Yogurts, Crème Fraiche and Butter

Beyond Wholesome

Ronnybrook_LogoRonnybrook Farm Dairy is a premier, family operated, Hudson Valley wholesome dairy farm producing a fresh line of dairy products. For over 70 years, Ronnybrook has been known for exceeding wholesome farming standards and producing incredibly fresh dairy products that taste great. The Ronnybrook secret to their award winning dairy products is their approach to how they treat their cows. At Ronnybrook, the health and happiness of their Holstein cows come first. “Our cows are like family to us here, we know them by name”, explained the passionate owner whose name happens to be Ronnybrook. The cows live in a humane environment on a free range, grass fed, three generation farm.

Making a Difference

RonnyWhen Ronnybrook opened their dairy, one of their founding goals was to be able to make a difference in the local community by expanding their business and helping local dairy farms to survive and maintain sustainable farming jobs. It is their hope to preserve their farm for future generations, as well as helping to stabilize the dairy industry in the Hudson Valley.

The Key to Expansion

The Ronnybrook founders recognized that the key to expansion meant finding lots of new customers and a means to deliver their refrigerated dairy products to them. To accomplish this lofty objective Ronnybrook reached out to Gillette Creamery, a family owned and operated food distribution company with hundreds of customers throughout the Northeast Region.

​“The owners of Gillette Creamery are good people that helped us expand”, stated Ronnybrook. The Gillette owners visited our farm, learned about our brand and came back to us with a Go-To-Market plan that met our objectives. Gillette Creamery was able to secure valuable shelf space at important grocery stores like Shoprite and Hannaford as well as many specialty food stores and schools. Gillette provided in-store refrigerated product displays complete with professional Ronnybrook branding to further extend their recognition in new market territories.

​In a short time Gillette increased Ronnybrook sales by nearly two million dollars and continues to expand their customer base.

Ronnybrook and Gillette